Your business has a success story.
We want to help you write it.


Thoughtful analysis, smart risks, and hard work can make any business into a success story. Each business is unique and deserves respect and careful attention. Each entrepreneur deserves the rewards for the hard work of growing their business.


The experts at Second Story Capital provide owners with equity investments to fuel organizational improvement, work with management to develop an exit strategy, then roll up their sleeves and make it happen.


More than just an investor, the team is composed of executives and entrepreneurs with decades of real-world experience. They specialize in financial management, sales and operations management, product marketing and branding, and have worked in industries ranging from education to energy. 

The 2nd Story team is dedicated to improving student achievement by reviving ed tech companies through equity investments and quality management.

Founded by ed tech guru John Graff, the team at 2nd Story has worked in the trenches of Ed Tech for decades. They understand the unique landscape of the education market that outsiders just don't. With expertise in sales and operations management, financial management, and product marketing and branding, our management team is ready to roll up their sleeves with you and make it happen.


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